I got interested in photography during my studies in the United States (2000). It is during those times that I have read and studied a lot on Photojournalism and tried to learn the basic principles and the ethics of the craft. Later on, I moved to Sudan, where I lived and worked for two years (2002-2004). I was in the steel industry business but I was more interested in taking photographs of the local people whom I have become friends with. My passion for photography truly started there, and upon my return to Turkey in 2005, I became a professional photographer.
It was a long process and quite hard work for a self thought photographer like me, however learning and improving one’s self never ends, so I started to make my own social documentary projects which I have always been fond of.

In my works, I have always been interested and keen on showing people’s strength especially when faced with hardship. Therefore I chose to work on subjects like; the Leprosy Patients Portraiture, the Struggle of Crimean Tartars, the Gentrification Projects and streets of Istanbul. In all of these projects I tried to show, how people face all those harshness and still stand up with their pride. I have published in world’s leading publications, both nationally and internationally including; Time, Newsweek, Art Magazin, Financial Times, Bloomberg Markets Mag, Le Figaro, Elsevier,Stern,Le Liberation,Simithsonian Mag,Elle,Der Spiegel,Women s Health,BBDO Agency,Publicis New York .

In 2006 I was pre-nominated by World Press Masterclass from Turkey. Later in 2013 I have been awarded to the Honorable Mention on Photography Masters Cup in Photojournalism Category (Color Awards) in 2013. I was also nomineed by Color Awards in the years of 2009 and 2014 in Portrait and Photojournalism categories as well. Since 2010 I am represented by Gallery Stock Agency. Often I am being asked to photograph portraits of Executives and some very busy people with many different set ups.

I do love my job and I am devoted to it with passion. You can be assured for trusting me and please do not hesitate to contact me when you have photography needs to be accomplished. I will make sure to meet your requirements and needs on time within my every effort!

Specialties: Enviromental Portraits, Editorial Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Corporate Photography,Portrait Photography

For fine art prints and special editions please mail to mail@ilkergurerphotography.com


Photo Festivals and Exhibitions

3rd Canakkale Photography Festival in 2005-Presented ‘No Borders In My Dreams’ (Disabled Basketball Players)

1st Canakkale Youths of University Photo Festival in 2010 as a Guest Presenter ‘Return of the Crimean Tartars’

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Istanbul in June 2010 as a Guest Presenter ‘Streets of Istanbul’

Curated by InSitu Living Gallery at the 8Infinitas Saloon Mixed Exhibition of ‘8 Artists,8 Views on Istanbul’ in 2010

First Solo Exhibition in GaleriBu at the Galata in 2012 the show,entitled ‘Inner Distant’. Presenting two distinct series of work,encompassing both street photography and portraiture.

Participant in FotoIstanbul International Photo Festival in Istanbul,Turkey in October 2014,as the theme is ‘Cities and Stories’ his series are from streets of Istanbul called ‘Layers’